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MAY 31st, 2019 - P.S. 84 Presentation


Hellenic Education for Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies

Presentation at P.S. 84 The Steinway School 

MAY 28th, 2019 - LaGuardia Community College Pinning Ceremony

Founder, Ms. Georgia Nomikos was honored as keynote speaker at the Pinning Ceremony of the Dietetic Technician & Nutrition and Culinary Management Program.  

Under the initiative "ΝΟΥΣ ΥΓΙΗΣ ΕΝ ΣΩΜΑΤΙ ΥΓΙΕΙ - Hellenic Education for Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies" Pan Logos Foundation proudly presented Monetary Awards for Academic Achievement and Service to the Program to five (5) graduates for their outstanding accomplishments. We wish all our graduates great success in their futures. 

MAY 9th - 10th, 2019 - NYFAF New York Forum of Amazigh Film 2019 

Supporting the Arts  – Our contribution supports the mission of the NYFAF help filmmakers, artists, and scholars, focusing on indigenous Amazigh identity and culture promote an understanding of the unique history, culture, and language of Amazigh peoples in North Africa and in the diaspora.


MAY 8th, 2019 - LaGuardia Community College Symposium

MAR 5th, 2019 - P.S. 84 Presentation


Hellenic Education for Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies

Presentation at P.S. 84  The Steinway School 

NOV 28th, 2018 - LaGuardia Community College Symposium

NOV 15th, 2018 - LaGuardia Community College Language Fair

Founder, Ms. Georgia Nomikos was honored for the invitation to present at the LGCC Language Fair.  Ms. Nomikos introduced Pan Logos Foundation and its mission and made a presentation on the importance and advantages of the Hellenic language in all fields of study and professional life. 

OCT 18th, 2018 - American Caribbean Maritime Foundation ACMF  “Anchor Awards Gala”

Pan Logos Foundation founder Ms. Georgia Nomikos and Advisory Board Member Ms. Eleni Tsagianni, proudly attended and supported the ACMF Gala.  Under our initiative The Nafsika Project our contribution supports and provides opportunities to students at CMU excel and achieve their goals in shipping and maritime. 

JUN 23rd, 2018 - World Heritage Cultural Center WHCC GALA 

Pan Logos Foundation, founder Ms. Georgia Nomikos was honored by  WHCC as their Global Ambassador of Greece.  

FEB 22nd, 2018 - Slide2Open Shipping Conference  

Pan Logos Foundation proudly participated as Hellenic & Intercultural Dialogue Supporter at the First “Slide2Open Shipping Finance Conference 2018—The Way Forward” held in Athens on Feb. 22nd, 2018.  Founder, Ms. Georgia Nomikos presented her newly launched foundation amongst a prestigious group of influential individuals, ship owners, financiers, consultants and technology company executives. Our presence highlighted the foundation’s initiative The Nafsika Project emphasizing our support of Global Maritime Education and Development.


NOV 16th, 2017 - American Caribbean Maritime Foundation -ACMF Friendraiser Reception 

Georgia Nomikos, Founder of Pan Logos Foundation proudly supported the ACMF event with a contribution helping to transform the lives of young people in the Caribbean.  Our focus is to create collaborations and initiatives between Caribbean & Hellenic Maritime supporting education for Caribbean youth and promoting Hellenic & Intercultural Dialogue.

Pan Logos Foundation Past Initiatives 

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