Educational Lectures and Presentations

Promoting Hellenic Culture and Ideals through our exclusive program:

Our mission is to offer young and adult students programs committed to the "Pursuit of Excellence" through Hellenic Education.  

Our programs consist in various fun and educational workshops and activities centered on the Hellenic language (both modern and ancient), 

philosophy, mythology, arts, culture, and gastronomies, and aimed at instilling within our students the ancient and lasting ideal of Ethos.  

It is the cultivation of this Ethos that will help our students and future generations navigate a beautifully diverse world with awareness, acceptance, 

and admiration -- all necessary for achieving the peace, unity, and harmony that our humanity and sacred planet desperately need.  

It is our hope that through the exchange of Hellenic wisdom, culture, and ideals, we will help create 

a happier, healthier humanity for today, and the future. 

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