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MAY 28th, 2019 - LaGuardia Community College Pinning Ceremony

Founder, Ms. Georgia Nomikos was honored as keynote speaker at the Pinning Ceremony of the Dietetic Technician & Nutrition and Culinary Management Program.  

Under the initiative "ΝΟΥΣ ΥΓΙΗΣ ΕΝ ΣΩΜΑΤΙ ΥΓΙΕΙ - Hellenic Education for Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies" Pan Logos Foundation proudly presented Monetary Awards for Academic Achievement and Service to the Program to five (5) graduates for their outstanding accomplishments. We wish all our graduates great success in their futures. 

NYFAF – New York Forum of Amazigh Film 2019 

Supporting the Arts  – Our contribution supports the mission of the NYFAF help filmmakers, artists, and scholars, focusing on indigenous Amazigh identity and culture promote an understanding of the unique history, culture, and language of Amazigh peoples in North Africa and in the diaspora.


LaGuardia Community College - 2019

Two (2) scholarships under our initiative AESTHETICS IN MOTION JOURNEYS -  Indulging in the Ideals of Hellas Cultural Immersion Trips, are offered to two (2) students excelling in the  “Nutrition and Culinary Management Program” for a 7-day all-inclusive trip to Hellas. 

Students will experience the beauty of the Hellenic Culture and indulge their senses to be part of one of the oldest, richest and healthiest culinary traditions in the world. 

The Hellenic cuisine is one of the many great gifts that the Ancient Hellenes contributed to the modern world.  Based on merit, recipients TBA Dec. 2019.

James Luce Foundation – Young Global Leadership Program - 2019

Our contribution provides young leaders opportunities for personal empowerment and the betterment of humanity through global stewardship.

LaGuardia Community College – Campus Food Pantry Program Support – 2018

Our contribution under our initiative "ΝΟΥΣ ΥΓΙΗΣ ΕΝ ΣΩΜΑΤΙ ΥΓΙΕΙ - Hellenic Education for Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies" is dedicated in supporting our youth with resources for a healthy environment to excel in their lives. 

World Heritage Cultural Center - WHCC- 2018

The “Pan Logos Hellenic & Intercultural Dialogue Grant” presented to WHCC for bridging cultures and supporting our mission for the promotion of Hellenic Language, Culture and Ideals.