Pan Logos Foundation is a non-profit cultural organization founded on the ideals of Hellenism.  

Based in New York City, our foundation is dedicated to the betterment of humanity through the preservation 

of Hellenic language and education and the promotion of intercultural dialogue and exchange. 

Our mission at Pan Logos Foundation is to provide opportunities for the 

"Pursuit of Excellence" through Hellenic Education to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. 

Our philosophy is philosophy -- the love and pursuit of wisdom -- 

and we endeavor to make this philosophy available and accessible to all.

Our programs are carefully crafted to reflect our commitment to the values 

of having healthy minds in healthy bodies ("ΝΟΥΣ ΥΓΙΗΣ ΕΝ ΣΩΜΑΤΙ ΥΓΙΕΙ") and living well ("EY ZHN"). 

They consist in various educational activities and professional development initiatives centered on 

the Hellenic language (both modern and ancient), culture, arts, and philosophy, and aimed at 

fostering the ancient and lasting ideal of Ethos. It is the cultivation of this Ethos that will help us 

and future generations navigate a beautifully diverse world with awareness, acceptance, and admiration 

-- all necessary for achieving the harmony so highly esteemed by the ancient Hellenes. 

It is our hope that drawing on the wisdom of our Hellenic heritage, and bringing the past 

in dialogue with the present, we can inspire a happier, healthier humanity for today, and the future. 

Our goals and initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • The creation, organization, and funding of educational programs, conferences, lectures, and symposiums in the arts (e.g. theatre, music, poetry) as a way to highlight the centrality of aesthetics within Hellenic culture. 
  • The establishment of: a Hellenic Language and Cultural Studies Scholarship Program; a "Philosophy for All" Series to be circulated throughout middle and high schools; an Ancient Hellenic Theatre Program. 
  • Supporting and empowering women in pursuit of Global Maritime Education and Development, and creating opportunities for women in shipping.
  • Mentoring and supporting young individuals, particularly those from under-privileged and/or under-represented backgrounds, through our Young Global Leadership Program -- a program committed to personal empowerment ('know thy self') and the betterment of humanity through global stewardship ('nothing in excess').
  • Supporting foundations, organizations, and educational institutions that foster intercultural dialogue, and whose mission runs parallel to ours.